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About Us

Once upon a time...

...there was a little girl named Frances. She grew up in a wonderful home where she watched as her parents, Joseph and Rose created delicious meals for the celebrations of so many people. She discovered that every day was a joyous event for someone somewhere. At the end of every meal the crowning moment always seemed to be when the dessert arrived. When the cake was carried in she loved the way that happiness always seemed to fill the room.

And so... she learned early on that every day is a celebration. Today, it is her greatest pleasure to be a part of the celebrations for so many. Frances and her husband, Sky along with their children and their team of bakers and sugar artists take great pride in creating the sweet finale for the many memorable events in life.

Frances has never forgotten that every day is a celebration and she along with her family and staff look forward to making yours...Forever Sweet!

Every day is a Celebration. Make yours…Forever Sweet!

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